Sample Weekly Newsletters

For nearly three decades we have been sharing our research, analysis and educated opinions on college and pro football. Each week during the season we publish three Newsletters designed to give our readers expert insight into what may take place on the field that weekend. And we do so from a Las Vegas perspective -- against the pointspread.

Our weekly publications are our College & Pro Football Newsletter, our unique NFL Teaser Newsletter and our college & pro Trends & Tendencies Newsletter.

Each week in our College & Pro Football Newsletter we select and feature the games we believe have the greatest chance of success against the poinstpread, usually four in the colleges and four in the pros. But we also give you our early week positions on EVERY GAME ON THE LAS VEGAS BOARD, including the 'added' college games. We also give our opinions on selected NFL Overs and Unders. Plus you get lots of statistical data, much of which is unique and unavailable anywhere else. And we share our latest research discoveries with Newsletter readers. Much of the material that will ultimately be part of a research paper or article will be shared first with readers of our College & Pro Football Newsletter.

Over 20 years ago we began a second weekly publication devoted exclusively to betting and beating NFL Teasers. We have done much research over the years and have found two-team NFL Teasers are extremely beatable. We've published our highly acclaimed NFL Pointspread Encyclopedia on Teasers for many years and draw upon that information to make weekly recommendations of the top teams to use in six point, two team Teasers in the NFL. We also provide recommended ways of playing the teams as well as various strategies to increase your profits and statistics to keep you abreast of how the current season is shaping up statistically.

For over 25 years we published a series of books, the Pointspread Encyclopedia. These books were compilations of how each college and pro football team had performed in a variety of situations against the pointspread in several dozen categories as well as Overs & Unders in the NFL. Mostly statistical in nature, these books enabled the reader to form his or her own opinions and draw his or her own conclusions about which teams are in historically favorable pointspread situations each week. It takes a lot of work to go through the material and apply the data each week so many years ago we began publishing a Newsletter that makes selections based exclusively on the material contained in these books. The premise is that if you were to use the historical pointspread data in these books you would arrive at the same selections we publish in our Trends & Tendencies Newsletter. Rather than report on the specific trends and situations that apply to each game we get right to the point and give you the selections on games that are playable each week, rated from a low of 1 to a high of 5 Stars. Although the Pointspread Encyclopedia is no longer published, our data base is still updated every season and the algorithms and factors used in the past contunue to be used today in the preparation of the Trends & Tendencies Newsletter.

To see a Sample Issue of these Newsletters simply click on the link below. We think you will be impressed with both the content and structure of these publications.

Sample College & Pro Football Newsletter

Sample NFL Teaser Newsletter

Trends & Tendencies Newsletter

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