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Who is YOUR choice for # 1 Male Athlete of the 20th Century?

Jim Thorpe
Babe Ruth
Bobby Jones
Joe DiMaggio
Ted Williams
Joe Louis
Jessie Owens
Jackie Robinson
Willie Mays
Jim Brown
Bill Russell
Wilt Chamberlain
Muhammad Ali
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Jack Nicklaus
Walter Payton
Wayne Gretzky
Michael Jordan
Someone not listed

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College Football -- Who's Number One?

Of the following, which team will win this season's College Football National Championship?

Florida State
Miami Florida
Ohio State
Penn State
Southern Cal
Texas A
Virginia Tech
A school not listed

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Logical Approach Sports Betting Poll
Which is the Best Division in Major League Baseball?
American League East
American League Central
American League West
National League East
National League Central
National League West
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Logical Approach Sports Betting Poll

What sport do you feel is the easiest to beat as a bettor?

Pro Football Sides
Pro Football Totals
College Football
Pro Basketball Sides
Pro Basketball Totals
College Basketball
Pro Hockey
Major League Baseball
Horse Racing

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Logical Approach Sports Betting Poll

Who do you think is currently Baseball's best starting pitcher?

Kevin Brown
Roger Clemens
David Cone
Tom Glavine
Randy Johnson
Greg Maddux
Pedro Martinez
Curt Schilling
John Smoltz

Current Results

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