Logical Approach Sports Betting Forum and Chat Room

Part of the way we all become better handicappers is by exchanging ideas and sharing thoughts and insights. The power of the World Wide Web to enable this exchange to occur is awesome and something that will continue to expand.

Towards that end we have set up a Sports Betting Forum and Chat Room wherein enthusiasts and handicappers from across the nation and around the world can engage in dialogues that will benefit all of us.

Whether you wish to simply throw a question out to the world (by posting a Message on our Message Board or starting a new Discussion Group) or wish to engage in an online conversation with others who have similar interests, the Logical Approach Sports Betting Forum and Chat Room has been established and is sponsored by the good folks over at Delphi.

Give it a visit. It's still very much in the start up phase and we've posted a few messages asking some questions that you might wish to ponder and provide feedback for -- or pose questions of your own.

There is no membership fee required. Membership is free. You can visit as a Guest or can get a free membership from Delphi and set up your own Forum if you choose.

The Forum is designed to be an interactive, multi-person experience. Please let us know of any suggestions so that we can make it an even better and more beneficial experience for you and for all of us.

Just click on the link below to visit the Logical Approach Sports Betting Forum and Chat Room.


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