Las Vegas Football Handicapping Contests

Do You REALLY Want To Be A WINNER This Football Season?


This page presents an Overview of several prestigious
Football Handicapping Contests held in Las Vegas.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to access contest selections
for this football season and for the past several seasons.

Each week we will present the selections of some of the nation's leading handicappers as they compete for cash prizes and handicapping acclaim. One such contest, sponsored by the Las Vegas Hilton, is a season-long contest with the same contestants making selections each week against the Las Vegas pointspread and is considered the premier football handicapping contest as a result of its being held for more than 20 years attracting a field of several hundred contestants.

Hilton Contest Selections for each week shall generally be posted by 6 PM Pacific time Saturday night *

* Hilton Contest rules changed in 2009 to extend the deadline to submit selections to 11 AM Pacific time on Saturdays

NOTE: The LeRoys "Money Talks" Contest, held for the past several seasons, is not being held in 2010.


Contest Format -- The SuperContest is open to anyone who pays the entry fee. Each entrant pays a $1,500 entry fee with 100% of the fees being returned to the winners. Only the top 20 places (and ties) are paid. Historically, a 60% winning percentage will finish in the Top Twenty. Each contestant must make five selections each week vs. the pointspread (generally the lines at the Hilton as of noon on Tuesdays). Each winning selection counts 1 point; a push counts 1/2 point; losses are 0 points.

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current and prior contest selections and results

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