Computers play a huge part in handicapping at Logical Approach. As part of our efforts to make available the best in handicapping materials, we have developed computer software designed for IBM and IBM compatible PC's.

1. LOGICAL APPROACH METHOD -- Computer version of the Logical Approach Method for handicapping pro and college football as described in the Books and Manuals section. The software automates formulas used in the Method as described in the Manual. In fact you get the Manual that describes the Method in detail, complete with formulas and examples, with this software version. Just enter the required stats for each team and the pointspread, answer a few questions about the game, hit a few keys and you'll see the projected line and a recommended Star Rating. Four games played by each team are needed for the program to work. A computer cuts down the time to handicap a game from about 10-15 minutes to about 2-3 minutes. Price is $69.95. This Item Is No Longerr Available As Software But Is Available In Book Form (Please See Books and Manual for Details)..

-- If you don't have the time or the resources to do the calculations every week let's us do the work for you. Once the Method kicks in -- after four games -- we will email you each week the Projections for all games. The Method generally begins around mid-October and runs right through the College Bowls, NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl. For e-mail delivery only the cost is $50.oo; if you would also like the Projections to be sent by regular US Mail the cost is $60.00.

2. NFL DATA BASE POINTSPREAD FILES -- More than any handicapping tool at our disposal, this software product is the most powerful in terms of what it does. This product consists of data files and requires a separate Data Base or Spreadsheet program in order for the files to be used! The files we created are designed for use in most Data Base and/or Spreadsheet programs, so any program that reads or converts .DBF files will work. These files enable you to research performances by NFL teams vs. the pointspread (Line and Total) in more than 40 different categories ('fields') or combinations thereof. The power of this data is limited by only your familiarity with your data base program and your imagination in designing questions. Example: How does Dallas do the game after allowing over 20 points to a Division rival? How do all teams do as favorites on turf the game after covering as a road underdog on grass? The questions and combinations are endless. What the answers reveal can be startling, powerful and profitable. Files are available for each season since 1982. You can easily create files for 2012 and later seasons and update them yourself. If you are just starting with computers these files save you literally hundreds of hours you'd need to create them yourself! Remember that you need a Data Base or Spreadsheet program that reads or converts .DBF files.

A second version of this software contains game Statistics for all regular and post season games played since 1988 and are sold on a season by season basis. Please see the NOTE below for more information and details. Available Now.


If you are really interested in conducting pointpspread research in football and/or other major sports, we have an extensive catalog of Data Base Files available. For details on all of the files we have available, for NFL Football, College Football, NBA Basketball College Basketball and Major League Baseball, including samples of the complete data contained in each file, PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Samples of the NFL Files described above, plus NFL Files that include Game Statistics, are included. Discounts are available for multiple file purchases.


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